Luxe Vintage

Luxe Throw Pillows Collection

When you're surrounded by the chaos and clutter of everyday life, it can sometimes feel like the world has gone mad. Yet, pillows crafted from vintage textiles make us feel like we're home. Perhaps it's the way they evoke a sense of peace and calm in a jumbled world. Or perhaps it's because they remind us of our pasts and the memories we hold dear. Transform your space into a timeless oasis, one that honors heritage. House of Cindy’s collection will remind you there are things that transcend time and trends, things that are meant to last forever.

Luxe Vintage

A Mix of the Old and New

Vintage textiles are the perfect canvas for our handmade pillows. Not only are we inspired by their beauty, but we also love that they represent the history of our world. We make sure those stories are not lost. The luxe vintage throw pillow collection is like a love letter to everything that makes us who we are: our heritage, our family story, and our ability to marry old with new—and make it into something designed to embody the romance of the past while still feeling modern.

Legacy Designs Handcrafted with Love

House of Cindy believes that a true home is a place of refuge—a place where you can come back to after a long day and relax, unwind, and revitalize yourself. But what if it was also a sanctuary for the earth? What if every piece of luxe throw pillow was an expression of your love for the planet? A place where beauty and comfort are more than just the sum of their parts but a reflection of your values, beliefs, and passion. They're an invitation into another world—a place where luxury home decor isn't just about beauty, nostalgia, and comfort; it's about sustainability and handcrafted designs that make all the difference.