About Us


House of Cindy is a home to a way of life that celebrates a deeper experience of living, an awareness of the subtle, an appreciation of beauty and comfort.

You come here because you want products that are made with integrity. We have a passion for what we produce; our products are made one at a time with artisanal attention to detail. You don’t want any lampshade; you want an environmentally conscious natural fiber lampshade that is expertly crafted just for you. What we produce here cannot be produced anywhere else. When you place our products in your home, you will know you bought not only the best materials, but also a product that was made in fair, equitable labor conditions and by people who care about every inch and stitch.

We add further lifestyle support by offering educational blogs and videos about how to use our products and why living in harmony with nature is vital to our happiness.

Join us for exploration and discovery. It is our hope that when you fall in love, you will take that coveted object into your home, own it not only for your life but for generations.