Woven Pillow Collection

Only through a labor of love is true art born. Felicitously, so it is with our hand-woven pillows and throws. Made with earth-friendly linen, cotton textiles, and premium white goose down feathers, these hand-woven accents imbue your home with luxury and a touch of history. Each weave is as precise and intricate as the earth, woven as if by the hands of nature itself. The result is an exceedingly soft and pliant material that wraps around you in comfort and stands the test of time. Modern striped patterns and warm muted colors give simplicity and elegance to these handmade throw pillows.


Hand-woven on 200-Year Old Looms

The history of Chinese treadle looms is older than 2,000 years—a technology that shaped the country’s textile industry. This traditional technique of hand-weaving textiles has long since been replaced by modern machines, but House of Cindy prides itself on being among the few keeping this treasured craft alive. Our woven pillows and throws are made locally in our Los Angeles studio by skilled craftsmen who weave each thread by hand. Making hand-woven pillows and artisan blankets is a slow process, but our artisans do it with delight in a spirit that is only acquired through a true love for the craft.

Infuse Your Home With Wonder

At House of Cindy, we revel in the intrigue of handmade goods from artists around the world. We’ve cultivated an experience that resembles a bustling Bazaar where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces and global antiquities. Whether you’re looking for woven pillows made with luxe vintage textiles, eco-friendly wool pillows, and faux fur throws, you can find authentic works of art made with love. Enrich your home with global textiles made with the essence of Mother Earth.