Artisan Blankets

Handcrafted blankets offer a warm embrace to keep you comforted no matter where your journey takes you. It is your very own haven where comfort is an invitation to relax. Decorate your sanctuary with the warmth and coziness of our sustainable and artisan blankets. Our hand sewn linen blankets are an eco-friendly way to style your room and nurture a sense of playfulness. The Moroccan and wool blankets are handcrafted on stand up looms—a 2,000 year old process, invoking a sense of wonder. Experiment and explore to discover your senses.


An Embrace Woven With A Delicate Touch 

A symbol of nature’s rebirth, hand-loomed blankets have a timeless beauty. Each thread reveals the soul of its maker, a clear testament that every stitch was woven with dedication and love. Each blanket and throw tells a woven story, an invitation of a craft from days long past that have withstood the constant shifts of time. The soft touch of eco-linen, handcrafted blankets is the manifestation of the heirloom quality of natural fibers. Derived from nature’s bounties, they serve as a reminder that we all have a choice to preserve the natural world and honor everything it has to offer. 

The Beauty Behind Sustainable Artisan Processes

Artisan blankets are the perfect collaboration between the human hand and Mother Nature. The intimate process begins with a passionate intention or a simple desire to elevate comfort at home. Our handmade pillows & decor are made in harmony with the earth. House of Cindy believes in sustainably glamorous beauty at home.