Vegan/Faux Fur

Faux Fur Pillow Covers

There are many reasons to fall in love with faux fur. It’s velvety soft, ethical, and offers comfort for the coziest of homes. Faux fur in warm, earthy hues adds a touch of glamour to your decor and is delightful whether it’s on a handmade throw pillow or an artisan blanket. Paired with a soft coverlet blanket from our heart-centered collection, these vegan pillows will keep you cozy and lift your spirit.

Vegan/Faux Fur

Textiles from Mother Earth

Once a symbol of status and wealth, traditional fur has given way to its cruelty-free alternative: faux fur. Growing eco-consciousness in the mid-1900s allowed this sustainable and luxe vintage textile to gain popularity, and it continues to remain a beloved textile to this date. House of Cindy believes that adding luxury to your house can be done in a way that’s better for the environment, and we want to make it easier for you to adopt this method of mindful living. That is why our faux fur pillow covers, blankets, and handmade fabric poufs are designed with premium sherpa fur that’s a cut above traditional fur. Plush yet durable and always sustainably made—it’s a worthy addition to your earth-friendly lifestyle.

Liveable Pieces of Art for Your Home

A home is a place that should nurture our souls, offer peace and comfort, and stimulate our senses. At House of Cindy, we handcraft all our products, including our faux fur pillow covers and vegan pillows, in tacit understanding with nature to help you build a space that’s infused with love and the calming energy of Mother Earth. Our vintage textiles are sourced locally whenever possible and upcycled to create liveable pieces of art that are sustainable, luxurious, and can be passed down through generations. Explore more legacy designs in our artisan home decor collection.