Pillow Inserts

Down Pillow Inserts

Our handmade throw pillows deserve the finest down pillow inserts. These luxury, white goose or duck down pillow inserts are a feast for the senses. Together as one, they are comforting and warm, like the embrace of a loved one who has been away for too long. They support you with ease, like the moment of coming home from a long journey, or that feeling before falling asleep with your loved one’s arm wrapped around you. Discover our lush, sustainable, and decadent pillow inserts.

Pillow Inserts

More About Our Luxury, White Goose or Duck Down Pillows

Cushions filled with down pillow inserts breathe and move with you, careful not to let any feathers slip out. Wrap yourself in a blanket of premium white goose or duck down feathers and 100% natural fibers, a ritual that has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years. They're the embodiment of a passionate dream. A dream of a world where we no longer need to harm animals for their feathers and where we can all live in harmony with our natural environment. A dream where quality is never compromised and where ethically-sourced products are the norm.

Pair With Our Earth-Friendly Artisan Pillows

The earth is a thing of beauty. It is not only the home of all things, but it is itself a living thing, a being of such complexity and wonder that it has never been fully understood by those who live in her ecosystem. But what if we could bring some of that beauty into our lives? What if we could find ways to celebrate the earth's bounty and have it support us in our daily lives?

House of Cindy takes great pride in our mindful and original collection of artisan home decor. It's not just about the pillow. It's also about the magic within. Think of down pillow inserts and how they make you feel, the way they work with the rest of your home decor, and how you can make them part of a bigger vision for your life. We offer wholesale pillow inserts from local Los Angeles sources, where they are handcrafted by skilled artisans who truly understand that every detail matters. Explore new arrivals and handmade pillow collections at House of Cindy