Fabric Poufs & Ottomans

Explore our collection of fabric poufs and ottomans. These vibrant, multi-purpose designs—a cross between a cushion and a stool—are versatile accent pieces that’ll add a layer of comfort to any space in your home. Our lightweight leather and fabric pouf ottoman designs feature elegant textiles, with woven covers sourced ethically from traditional Berber artisans in the Atlas Mountains.

Easy Seating for Your Living Room

Our soft fabric poufs are available in rectangle, square, and round shapes. Available in a variety of textiles they make great seats in the lounge room and children’s rooms, and are easy to store under coffee tables or beds for when guests arrive. Many of the poufs feature a side handle in their design for easy repositioning.

The Most Comfortable Footrest

When you want to put your feet up, a soft pouf or hardy ottoman gives you the flexibility to get comfortable in the position you want—moving your footrest to the ideal distance from the chair. The easy-open zipper opening on our fabric poufs makes it easy to wash the cover and keep the colors fresh and clean after extended use.

A Side Table That Moves Around with You

Having a fabric pouf ottoman in the home gives you a convenient, movable surface on which to place a tray of drinks, newspapers, devices, and books. Position it next to the sofa with a tray on top for a handy side table or even take it around the house with you!

Discover Globally-Inspired Decor

There’s never been a better time to discover what a comfortable pouf or ottoman could do for your home! Contact us to learn more about our stylish, ethical decor and shop our poufs today!