Fabric Poufs

A fabric pouf ottoman is an anchor in your decor. It's that one thing that stays constant no matter what life brings—indispensable in its steady yet versatile form. A moveable feast within your home, lean back, kick up your feet, and rest. Make your life easier; decorate with the flexibility of the pouf. A mudcloth or vintage textile pouf will always be there for you in all its stylishness—a soft seat, a footrest, or even a side table that moves and transforms with you to complement your handmade, designer throw pillows and elevate your comfort at home.


Multi-Purpose Comfort for the Upscale Home

Dating back to the golden age when royalty ruled the world, fabric pouf ottomans were all the rage. They have witnessed historical moments, from decorating chateaux and palaces across the world. Everything old is new again. Today, they serve as a necessary reminder that comfort and versatility truly transcends time. In a modern world inspired by change, the timeless vintage textile poufs are still a desirable way to decorate. Know that flexibility and function can be found in even the simplest of comforts that have been inspired by the whimsical touch of history.

An Accent Piece To Help With Self-Discovery

House of Cindy creates sustainably, glamorous handcrafted objects for the home. Aligning with Mother Nature awakens the true nature of our senses. Our decor collection of fabric pouf ottomans reflects our advocacy for handcrafted artistry and the beauty of sustainable processes. We believe in the power of family and community, telling stories and sharing memories. We create designs that invite you to sit, reflect, and connect with your loved ones and your innermost self. As an act of self-care, decorate your home to open your senses and surround yourself with eco-friendly beauty.