Natural Indigo Home Decor

Indigo has a bold spirit to it. With shades so deep and full of mystery it can only be compared to the vastness of the evening sky or the boundless bottom of the ocean. Our collection of indigo pillow covers and handmade throw pillows hold sophisticated energy, adding a touch of elegance to any room. Made with luxury eco linen and featuring charming designs inspired by traditional African prints, these natural indigo-dyed pieces are a versatile addition to your home. Place them in your favorite nook or on your bed for a sleep enveloped in magic and tranquility.


A Blend of the Sea & Sky

A symbol of wealth and abundance, indigo has always been one of the most coveted textiles throughout history. It’s a vital part of West African history and a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation of highly skilled dyers. This dreamy luxe vintage textile is the highlight of our indigo home decor collection. With a stripped loomed cotton base, these textiles are tie-dyed by hand and dyed in indigo vats, then dried in the hot African sun to set the indigo hues. Each pillow is then made by hand in our LA studio by artisans who have mastered the craft, adding a bit of their own soul to this soothing and spirited collection. 

Global Styles Brought To You

At House of Cindy, our mission is to help you turn your house into a sanctuary of luxury where you can connect with your innermost self. We source global textiles, like our indigo home decor collection, from all over the world for your cosmopolitan tastes. Our production process is gentle on the earth’s ecosystems and supports the betterment of local artisans and female-owned businesses. These indigo pillow covers, premium white goose down feather pillows, and our other glamorous products are all made in collaboration with Mother Earth to infuse your home with comfort and decadence. Explore legacy designs in our artisan home decor.