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At House of Cindy, we believe in following your heart and genuinely including greater wholeness in everyday living by choosing to decorate one’s home with the spirit and longevity of sustainability. Well-being at home begins with love and intentionality, selecting each item with care and awareness for greater goodness. Elevate your life and live in harmony with Mother Nature by including natural fiber eco-chic home decor and sustainable lifestyle choices in the everyday.

Choose House of Cindy and
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We are a luxury, ethical home goods brand that supports sustainability and the power of community. Our passion is to create earth-friendly designs inspiring you to decorate your home with simple pleasures and the greatest luxury goods handcrafted.

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The House of Cindy Way

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To live in harmony with the environment is truly luxurious. That’s why we have created a collection of upscale, ethical home goods and coastal throw pillows in a rainbow of earthy hues.

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Handcrafted by Artisans

The power to transform our lives and our environment begins with the awareness of who made the items we surround ourselves with. Each piece we craft is slowly manufactured; one can feel the love of the time and attention that is put into each design, invoking the absolute beauty of form and an overall sense of happiness.

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Upcycling Vintage Textiles

Coveted heirloom vintage textiles for home decor evoke timeless beauty. Handcrafted with love from sustainable materials and dyes, these global textiles are sourced from many different cultures around the world.

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We compassionately create faux fur and vegan leather products out of a love and well-being for our four-legged friends. Sumptuous faux fur blankets and handmade throw pillows backed with linen exude comfort and are some of our most popular offerings.

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Made Locally in L.A.

Our designs are handcrafted in our Los Angeles design studio and workrooms. Supporting our local community of small businesses, we source our sustainable materials within ten square miles of our design studio. Creating jobs and lowering the impact and transportation costs on the environment.

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Members of the Sustainable Furniture Counci

Wherever we are is home. We believe in making a difference in your home and the planet and are passionate about living in alignment with sustainable business practices and a proud member of SFC.

of Wonders

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Unburdened spaces from unnecessary synthetic materials, and mindfully using sustainable materials for our home decor to create a beautiful environment is the House of Cindy way. Pure linen, cotton, hemp, and white goose down feathers are our biodegradable materials of choice. Include our ethical goods in your home so that you can fully inhabit your home, savor the moments of your life, and enjoy.

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We are committed to making a difference through our mission of environmental protection and are proud Members of the National Forest Foundation and The Sapling Program.

For every order made on
our site, House of Cindy
will plant a tree in
your honor.

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