Handmade Pillow Collections

Take pleasure in a collection of eco-conscious decor that enhances your home and enriches your lifestyle. The House of Cindy journey begins with global textiles, traversing through historical designs by local artisans to then take flight in your home. Our whimsical and coastal throw pillows are a celebration of international cultures and human traditions, infused with the spirit of the artist. This glamorous collection of luxury home decor can be acquired wholesale to bring movement, light, and soul into your space with ease. Delight your senses and create your ultimate sanctuary with artisan home decor at House of Cindy.


Sustainable & Responsible Sources

Our dreamlike decor encompasses handmade pillows, eco-friendly linens, lavish artisan blankets, and more. We’re committed to supporting a sustainable lifestyle, and our passion for living in harmony with the planet drives us to handcraft our designs locally. We employ accomplished artisans with fair wages and a working environment where they can let their creativity soar. Handcrafted textiles are better for the planet we live on, better for the quality of the product, and better for the communities they’re sourced from. Feel good knowing that you’re contributing to a better future for all.

Made With Integrity, Creativity, & Heart

Our coastal throw pillows and premium decor are skillfully crafted by the hands of artisans who have imbued these pieces with their souls. These embellishments exude timelessness and comfort that nurture a calming atmosphere in your home. Your home is your sanctuary, and our glamorous designs are chosen to cultivate that purpose. Everything from our handmade pillows to our popular poufs are selected with intuition to spark joy. From the House of Cindy to yours, we’re dedicated to helping you create a space that fills you with delight and connects you to Mother Earth. Explore legacy designs for your sanctuary.