Artisan Home Decor

Your home is the center of your world, and decorating it thoughtfully is a beautiful act of self-care. We’re dedicated to supporting artisans who use sustainable materials and time-honored traditions to bring their imaginative designs to fruition. Our handcrafted collections all represent a special emotion and philosophy: the sophistication and stylish design of handwoven wool; the spirit within indigo that blends the sea and sky; the heart-centered faux fur collection that encourages pleasure; and the heritage of our hand-loomed wovens that bring artisan craftsmanship through 200-year-old looms. Discover the House of Cindy collections.


At The Heart of Coastal Modern Decor

What is “coastal modern decor”? To us, it’s a clean and soothing California look that highlights natural fiber textiles like hemp and linen, sun-washed accents, and the romantic blend of earth, sea, and sky. It's a distinctive color palette of moody grays, soft blues, and wind-weathered whites. Our artisan home decor is often focused on this elevated, sea swept lifestyle, and many of our handcrafted throw pillows and vintage home accessories are passionately made in our Los Angeles studio with this vision in mind. 

The House of Cindy Way

At House of Cindy, we’re inspired by the idea of the spirit of Coastal Grandma — a blend of the traditions of old with the comfort of the new. Our artisan home decor brings warmth and togetherness into your home with comforting, natural designs. Our commitment to sustainability guides us on an intimate process to collaborate with mother nature. It is through these practices that we bring you pleasures of the home that live in harmony with the earth.