We believe handcrafted artisan pillows are far more than just accents. They’re liveable pieces of art: a soothing and supremely stylish comfort that can be held, cuddled, and add layers of beauty to your home. We are exceptionally mindful in crafting our throw pillows. Each element is intentional from choosing the sustainability of the materials they are crafted from, the thread they are sewn with, to the treatment of animals the feathers are derived from, to the wages of artisans who handcraft our textile pillows. Imbued with the love of the artisan, you can feel the difference our handcrafted pillows make in your home.

In every aspect of our collections, high quality is paramount. Your home is your sanctuary, and decorating it thoughtfully is a mindful act of self-care. Create a warm and wholesome home with thoughtful accessories from ethical sources. There is no substitute for the best.


Ethically Sourced Textile Pillows

Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a way of living in alignment with our earth’s ecosystems. We understand that being a conscious consumer is not always easy, which is why we make a passionate effort as a company to be authentically responsible about the sources of our handmade throw pillows and other products. Offering beauty and comfort for your home that is congruent with mother nature is our passion.

We seek to be biodegradable from every fiber, upcycle vintage textiles, and choose only cruelty-free vegan leather and faux fur sources. We joined the Sustainable Furniture Council to forge a deeper connection to this mission, and we choose products and suppliers that are local. Our handcrafted products are made to order in our design workrooms in Los Angeles whenever possible. Your home will feel more pleasurable and happier when you trust the source of the items around you.

Collections Like No Other

Every element that's in our collections passes through our founder Cindy Ciskowski’s eye. Supremely stylish, we create beds so soft and cozy that you’ll want to sleep for days. Rugs plush and lush, they welcome your bare feet home. Lay on our pillows and sink into the comfort of pure, soothing, natural materials—casual, sexy, and sumptuous. We are constantly innovating and refining our selection to curate handmade throw pillows and home accessories that foster a sustainable, eco-friendly environment. Be sure to explore our new arrivals to see the latest picks of the season and new finds from creative designers. Join our mailing list for news delivered directly to your inbox. Enjoy exploring House of Cindy.