Vintage-Inspired Velvet Pillows

Designer velvet pillows welcome a life of luxury and comfort. Soft and plush, yet elegant and refined, they have a quiet sensuality that can be felt with every touch, like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold night or sitting under a tree in the midst of a lush forest. Their muted hues are reminiscent of moonlit skies and starry nights. Smooth and luxurious, velvet evokes feelings of comfort and pleasure. The delicate sheen of the fabric makes it feel like silk, but with more heft—the perfect blend for those yearning for an indulgent pillow experience.


Embrace the Finer Things in Life 

Our handmade pillow collection of vintage-inspired velvet is timeless. Made from the fabric of days gone by, it is also the fabric of tomorrow. Velvet has journeyed with us through time. It was used by royals and nobility for hundreds of years before finally making its way into our homes as something we could enjoy at any moment—a piece of history that now feels modern and new again.

Eco-Conscious Comfort Made by Human Hands 

Bring the natural world into your contemporary home with designer velvet pillows made to spark joy and inspiration within. Made from locally sourced, sustainable fibers with insides filled with premium white goose feathers and down, our vintage-inspired velvet pillows are a celebration of the local community and a desire to contribute towards a brighter future. House of Cindy believes the human creative touch in the design process is irreplaceable. Every pillow is a unique piece of art. Handcrafted in our Los Angeles design studio and dyed in our workrooms by skilled artisans, we take pride in our craftsmanship. Every pillow is truly a labor of love.