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House of Cindy’s Interior Design Blog

Creating a comforting environment is an art — and a little bit of a science, too. In our blog focused on interior design, we’ll delve into color psychology, a sense of space, and an eye for pleasing shapes and textures. After all, the comfort of a room is in the details. It's in the way the light falls on the walls, the way that light changes throughout the day and over the seasons. It's present even when it's not obvious—like when your favorite pillow is just right for your body or when a particular breeze cuts through the room at just the right moment. It's made up of all these things, but none of them alone could ever create that feeling of comfort; they work together like an orchestra, each instrument playing its part in creating something greater than itself.

Stars and Stripes Forever

Stars and Stripes Forever
Stars and Stripes Forever was inspired by these fabulous vintage magazines you see in this post. I love to relax and read through them, they are inspirational in so many ways and there is nothing more delightful than sinking into a pile of 
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Modern Coastal Interior Design & Classic Farmhouse Style

In our sustainable living blogs, you’ll get a sense of how to blend the old and the new to create a living space that is both beautiful and sustainable. We celebrate traditions of the past by incorporating handcrafted, rustic styles with modern coastal interior designs. Garner a balance between the familiarity of classic, vintage flair and modern sophistication. Small touches make that dream a reality. Whether it’s a set of throw pillows with inviting pops of color or a plush throw blanket that begs to be held, these thoughtful accents can turn your space into a sanctuary for your mind and body.

Experience Mindful Living

At the heart of our interior design blog is the desire to make your home a sanctuary through artisanal decor handmade from ethical sources and natural fibers. A place where you can retreat from the world and find yourself again. A space that feels like you and reflects the best parts of who you are. At House of Cindy, we believe that in order to create a truly beautiful home, it must be more than just beautiful—it has to be meaningful. It should speak to your soul and tell stories about who you are and what matters most to you. You don’t even need to become an expert designer—we’re here to help. We welcome you to our community, and we invite you to discover mindful living and start your own conversation on decor.