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How do you choose decorative pillows?

We often receive emails from customers sending us photo's of their home and asking for decorating advice. Which decorative pillows for their sofa are the right ones? or what is the right lampshade for their lamp?.

Windsor Floor Lamp

We often respond with an apology, it's so difficult to tell what works without knowing the customer,  their lifestyle and the subtle nuances of their home.

 We advise customers, to build their own design muscles, by looking at shelter magazines or pinterest for inspiration. At the end of the day designing takes self-confidence and practice and educating your eye. Go to a design store or home decor web-site and follow your eye. When you allow yourself to discover your likes and dislikes, you'll begin to trust yourself and know whats best for you.

Soft Landing Decorative PillowsPillow Mosaic

I believe that bringing your soul home, is about living and resonating with colors, fabrics and designs that you love feeling and looking at. Color effects our emotions, as you walk through your home you should fall in love with all that surrounds you.  Decorative pillows in the right fabric and color play a big roll in the type of lifestyle you lead. Fashioning your home to be a place where your soul resides, takes time.


I encourage customers to go slowly and enjoy the process of accomplishing the home of their dreams. Build your rooms one decorative pillow at a time.

For more decor inspiration visit our pinterest page here