Vintage-Inspired Moroccan Rugs & More

Our collection of ethically-sourced hand-loomed rugs features designs from the Azilal, Beni Ourain, and Boujad tribes of North Africa’s Atlas Mountains. With bold colors and geometric designs, these fashionable hand-woven rugs are in high demand!

Our stunning Berber rugs are woven on the traditional stand-up looms from 100% natural organic wool. This results in high-quality designs that support local communities, eco-friendly production methods, and hypoallergenic home textiles.

Storytelling with Moroccan Rugs with Vintage Patterns

Berber rugs—usually woven by women—were traditionally used to tell stories. Today, the use of symbols and shapes continues to be a distinguishing feature of Moroccan tribal rugs with vintage-inspired patterns. Here’s a little background to the main types featured in our collection:

Azilal Myths and Legends

The Azilal tribe uses their woven masterpieces to tell ancestral myths and legends. The single-knotting techniques employed by these artisans allow for intricate patterns in each design.

Beni Ourain Geometrics

Weavers from the Beni Ourain tribe feature undyed wool, neutral woolen tones in their rugs, such as a cream field with henna-brown designs. Patterns feature elegantly minimal geometric forms.

Boucherouite “Rugs from Rags”

The term “Boucherouite” comes from the Arab description for “a piece torn from pre-used clothing”. These colorful rugs have a fascinating texture underfoot and appear as horizontal paintings on the floor, making Boucherouite Moroccan rugs with vintage-inspired designs vibrant accents for any room in your home.

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