Indigo Throw Pillows

Indigo is one of the oldest natural dyes used in textiles. It was traditionally extracted from the Indigofera plant and from mollusks. Today, we use sustainable and vegan techniques to create indigo throw pillows featuring the dye’s signature deep, rich blue hues—backed with natural linen and filled with soft feathers.

Ethically-Sourced Textiles and Intriguing Designs

At House of Cindy, our indigo pillows are made by hand in our Los Angeles studio. The quality, natural fabrics we use are ethically sourced from communities in Asia and Africa.

Batik Dyed Cloth from Asia

Batik is a traditional wax-resist dyeing technique that comes from Indonesia and is now practiced around the world. We source Batik cloth for our indigo throw pillows from the Hmong people of Southeast Asia, featuring designs with vividly intricate geometry along with floral and botanical motifs.

Ikat Woven Cloth from the Ivory Coast

The term “Ikat” comes from the Malaysian “to knot” and describes a weaving tradition that started in Asia and is now popular in Africa and South America. Ikat woven cloth used for our indigo pillows comes from the Ivory Coast in Africa and features colorful stripes of indigo with cream and pink accents.

Relax in Style

Treat yourself to soft, natural indigo throw pillows from House of Cindy and enliven any space in your home. Contact us to learn more about our one-of-a-kind decor and shop indigo pillows today!