Eco Linen Collection

Eco-Friendly Throw Pillows

The things you surround yourself with should reflect your soul and what matters most. That’s the House of Cindy way. Each throw pillow in this collection is made from natural linen fabric. Soft and supple, like the first rays of sunlight that peek through the leaves of a tree, the colors perfectly capture the myriad of hues just like a sunset that has been preserved in amber for centuries. Eco-linen is a fabric so soothing, like the gentle brush of butterfly wings on your cheek, a caress from the breeze on a warm day. Sometimes, it's a feeling that you can't quite explain, but it's there: a sense of peace and safety.

Eco Linen Collection

Made From the Symbol of Purity and Rebirth 

These eco-friendly throw pillows are handcrafted from the threads of hope and harvested from the earth. Seemingly delicate yet resilient, they remind us that we have the power to change ourselves and our surroundings, even when they seem impossible. We are all capable of growing from within to become something new. Every detail of our natural linen throw pillows are designed to open up your senses to the beauty the world has to offer.

Biodegradable From Every Fiber

There is something about the simplicity that can only be created by the hands of an artisan—a carefully chosen material, expertly crafted into a design that will last. What do you get when you mix timeless designs with sustainable materials through quality craftsmanship? A throw pillow that's as luxurious as it is eco-friendly, taking advantage of the natural properties of linen to create a piece of home. Give any space a warm, earthy feel to reconnect with nature’s finest and find an inner sense of tranquility. Inspire the designer within through our soul-resonating creations.