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What is your pillow I.Q.?

When you decorate like a designer, decorative pillows are never an after thought. Designers know that the right pillows incite feelings of desire and belonging. Decorative throw pillows, are designed to bring your soul home and invite comfort.

The aspirational photograph by, Horst P. Horst of Cy Twombly and his wife in their Roman apartment says it all.  Taking center stage, the single pillow greets you and invites you into the room. Full, plump yet, perfectly crushed, soft and relaxed, it hints at the painters ideal life in Italy. Who wouldn't want to spend afternoon in Rome? Reclining in this flawless, neoclassical inspired room, adorned with luscious linen pillows, discussing Cy's latest artistic expression between ancient mythology and contemporary society.

A designer knows that the right pillows help to tell a story, marrying artwork and rugs, encouraging the eyes to travel around a room, inviting one to sit and stay awhile.

Model Home designers and Home Staging while on tight budgets, know that investing in high quality decorative throw pillows will help to sell a home.

House of Cindy Blog - Elle Decor Room

Pillows have the ability to transport you to another time or place. The key lies in choosing just the right color and patterns to create, an air of lavish luxury and make the most basic furnishings in a room look expensive.

House of Cindy Blog

The Elle Decor photo above, is of a home library designed by Nate Berkus, look how he uses the allure of the pillows to elevate the room with color and pattern, enticing the soul to come home to rest with them, while delving into a good book.

House of Cindy Blog - Ralph's Paris Resturant

At Ralph Lauren's, Paris restaurant decorative pillows are casually lined up, providing visual comfort and awaiting would be diners. Indoors or out decorative pillows are designed to be the beautiful beckoning call to relax, recline and enjoy comfort while your here.

At House of Cindy we have three notable pillow collections, Decorative Pillows, Print Dye Pillows and Vintage Pillows. The Decorative Pillow collection is made of new textiles, high end woven fabrics and patterns, mostly from Italy. The Print Dye Pillows are 100% linen and custom tie dyed washed in Los Angeles. The Vintage Pillow collection is made of up-cycled heirloom textiles, sourced globally from different cultures with handmade textile traditions. The different collections are designed to inter mix with each other, ensuring your rooms are having a global pillow conversation.

Bring your soul home, find our pillow collections in the Soft Landing area: HERE

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