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Natures Fiber Burlap Lamp Shades

Lets start with a history lesson on the miraculous earth friendly fiber, Jute.

It is a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizer or pesticides, unlike cotton which requires heavy amounts of fertilizer and pesticides to promote its growth. Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton. At House of Cindy we prefer to design with burlap, made of the jute fiber over cotton for it's biodegradable, recyclable and earth friendly qualities.

Jute is used in the manufacture of a number of home furnishings fabrics, Hessian cloth, sacking, scrim, carpet backing cloth (CBC), and canvas.

Burlap Lamp Shade

Our natual Burlap Lamp Shades are the perfect use for the long strands of the golden fiber. Burlap shades filter the light beautifully and create a moody atmosphere when made in the natural golden burlap color. When burlap shades are made of ivory burlap the magnification of light radiates filling the room with light.

Venizia 32 Burlap Pendant Lamp

Light filled rooms become more important in the fall and winter moths as the day light hours begin to shorten and we cozy up indoors. Lamp shades proved a filter for the harsh glare of a raw bulb and help the eyes to see better indoors.