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Make Your Lampshades a Part of Your Interior Design

One of the elements that my clients often overlook in their interior design is lampshades and the key role that they play in a room. While people spend a lot of time focusing on light fixtures, recessed lighting and other lighting systems, they seem to forget that a lampshade is just as important as any other lighting element. Your home furnishings can be enhanced perfectly by a creamy white lamp shade or a shade that has a pattern print. Whatever your design style, you will be able to find a lampshade that will pair with it to give your living room a polished and welcoming feel. You can find lampshades in different materials. From ivory or light colored shades that are translucent to dark shades that do not let nearly as much light out, by paying attention to this simple difference you can customize the look and how you feel in your room.

Indigo Lampshade

One of the primary roles of a lampshade in a room is to regulate the amount of light that a fixture can put out. You want to ensure that there is not too much light in a room since that can cause a glare. This can be a problem for pieces of art or other items in your home decor since it can ruin their appearance. Too much glare also makes it difficult for you to cuddle up on your couch or love chair to read your favorite book or watch your favorite television show. If you realize that your living room is too bright, you can find a dark tinted lampshade that will regulate the amount of light that is in a room.

I recommend that my clients choose lampshades that are eco-friendly and made of natural materials. Natural textile shades are a must for me in my designs, and I think that there are a lot of high-quality products on the market that are good for the environment.

Burlap Lampshade

You can go for a monochromatic look by matching the color of your lampshade with your  rugs, with your art work on the walls or with the color or pattern of your accent pillows. If you want, you can also use a lampshade as an accent piece that will provide a little bit of pop for a room. This little splash of color can add a depth and richness to a room that cannot be easily replicated. I even like to change out a lampshade during the holidays when I am trying to bring a special spirit or theme to one of my home's rooms.