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Elephant Rescue, Poufs, Pillows and “Pop Up with a Purpose”

It's tough to imagine the existence of a strong connection between orphaned baby elephants in Kenya, and a posh home decor designer in downtown Los Angeles. The plight of abandoned elephants due to the black market ivory trade is now being championed by one of the biggest names in home decor. Every homeowner loves  exquisite pillows, throws and custom floor poufs. They make a living space “pop.” Now, it's possible to Pop With A Purpose to help support the plight of the African elephant and bring your soul home in style.

Morrocan Wedding Blanket Platform BedDesign companies with a commitment to using materials and labor that is conservation and sustainability-minded, will automatically become involved with tragic issues. In order to find unique textiles, woods, stones, and other ivory free materials, supply must be sought outside of the mainstream industrialized world. This is precisely how certain companies learn about natural, cultural, and environmental issues that their customers should be made aware of.

Pop Up with a Purpose

One of these design companies is House of Cindy. This company's founder Cindy Ciskowski is brilliant at creating comfortable home accents that are not only made in an eco-aware manner, but they are designed with things like interior eco lighting being used. Her search for resources that match a goal of integrity, led her to discover the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This Kenyan group rescues and fosters orphaned elephants. Not many people realize that the number of elephants poached each year in Kenya, is greater than the elephant reproductive rate. Without human intervention, it is a near certainty that these elephants will become extinct.

Pop Up with a Purpose

Ms. Ciskowski has organized what she calls “Pop Up With A Purpose.” It's a temporary store at the Raw Food Restaurant The Springs located in the downtown Los Angeles Arts district, August 17 – October 31 2015. Ms. Ciskowski has curated the Pop up with all the things she loves and many of the items are made in her downtown Los Angeles design studio or sourced in Africa, pillows, poufs, crystals, custom clothing and furniture, there is even a platform bed made of a Moroccan Wedding Blanket, aptly named The Aura Bed. In addition there is an online store selling select items. A profit percentage of the items in the Pop Up store are given directly to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This is an example of how business people can use their influence to shed light on immensely important causes. The Pop Up store and the select elephant rescue fund items can be found online at the House of Cindy.

House of Cindy Indigo Candle

Most people want to be part of a worthy cause. The reason they do not follow that desire is the work, time, and energy needed to become involved. The House of Cindy Pop Up store is a wonderful example of a conservation support opportunity reaching-out to people. It has made it possible for people to support a cause on the other side of the planet, with the normal purchasing of gorgeous home furnishing items.