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Cozy Up to the Holidays: 5 Vintage Inspired Decor Tips

inspired pillow decor

The holidays are a time when you want to feel comfortable and joyous in your home, whether you plan on spending lots of quiet winter evenings cozied up with a good book or have ambitious entertaining plans and anticipate lots of guests. Give your home a holiday update with vintage inspired decor that will create welcoming and warm vibes for you and your guest.

Welcome Guests with Soulful Linens

Textiles are an amazing way to adapt your home decor for the holidays. Inspire delight and curiosity by decorating with  vintage fabric pillows or prints that have a storied international history, like mudcloth. A focus on eco-friendly fabrics is also a nice way to imbue your decor with a sense of environmental responsibility and kindness—perfect for a season that is all about gratitude and generosity.

Create an Inviting Sitting Area

violet leather pouf

The holidays are a time for hospitality, so it makes sense to use the winter months as an opportunity to consider your home’s seating options. Make your friends and family feel at ease by offering plenty of comfortable, flexible seating options—we love  poufs because they are easy to move and add lots of seating capacity to a room without requiring you to invest in a substantial piece of furniture. Whether a traditional leather pouf is more your style or you adore the softness of a fabric pouf, either option will add a cool vintage chic look to any room. And once all of your guests depart, you will love putting your feet up after a long day of prepping and partying!

Bump Up the Cozy Factor

A little texture goes a long way when it comes to holiday decor. Make your living room and bedrooms feel extra welcoming with sweet, soft  throwsthat invite you to settle in and relax. Draping a beautiful blanket over the back of a chair or sofa is an easy yet effective way to transform a room for the holiday season, and we stock plenty of unique, globally-inspired options like kantha quilts and hand-woven tassel blankets that offer a sense of color and vibrancy. You’ll love tucking in with a good book and a cup of tea with these comfy, vintage-inspired textiles, all of which are made using time-honored traditional techniques and materials.

Mix Deep Hues and Bright Tones

Deep, dramatic colors for your linens and decor create a warm ambiance, perfect for winter. Add some drama to your domicile with pillows and blankets in hues like navy,  charcoal, and bark—a moodier palette can be perfect for this time of year. Though do try to incorporate a few pale or bright accents in shades like nude and citron to lighten things up—the contrast will add dimension to your decor. Or, opt for a new rug that allows you to change up the colors of your room according to the season.

mood lighting eye

Add Mood Lighting

A few candles go a long way during the holiday season, and will help create that ever sought-after boho chic vibe. Light tea lights in your entryway, show off tapers in pretty colors at your dining table, or add fairy lights for a subtle glow. On darker winter days, you’ll want to make the most of what lighting you have, and adding a thoughtfully-placed  mirror to your dining or living room will help amplify light and brighten your home.