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10 Wellness Benefits of Lavender

lavender plant in the nursery

Let’s count the many reasons we love lavender. A member of the mint family, this hardy perennial is renowned for both its lovely purple hue and singularly unique fragrance. The ancient Greeks and Romans picked lavender to perfume their baths and clothing, while also revering it for a multitude of medicinal properties.

Lavender is a triple-threat cocktail of goodness for mind, body and spirit. In aromatherapy, this flowering botanical instills an unparalleled sense of calm and tranquility; used in herb form in a tea or other dish, lavender soothes many minor ailments while infusing a delicate, distinctive flavor; and, when applied topically in essential oil form, it works wonders for your skin and hair (Note: lavender essential oil should never be ingested as it can be poisonous).

rooting lavender in water

Lavender, a flowering botanical, offers a multitude of wellness benefits

Promote Hair Growth

Applied to the scalp in essential oil form, lavender is thought to stimulate hair growth for healthier, more luxuriant hair.

Aids Digestion

Lavender blossoms dried as herbs and added to dishes or drinks are believed to be a boon to the digestive system. Lavender can also take the place of rosemary in recipes, but the amount needs to be doubled due to lavender’s delicate flavor.

Natural Insect Repellant

While we may adore the scent of lavender, mosquitoes and other pesky critters don’t. Add an arrangement of dried or fresh lavender to your next al fresco soiree, ensuring a bug-free experience.

Calm Anxiety

The simple act of breathing in lavender’s intoxicating fragrance is a proven de-stressor, resulting in a feeling of tranquility and wellbeing.

Fight Insomnia

If you are not getting your eight hours, try a lavender-filled pillow or add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your pillowcase. Cindy’s eye pillows are filled with the purest organic lavender from Provence, perfect for a short detox session or a full night’s slumber.

Gratitude Blessing Flowers

Cindy's calming eye pillows are filled with organic lavender from Provence

Heal Headaches

Massaging a few drops of lavender essential oil into your temples is known to relieve the pain and pressure of a headache.

Treat Acne

Not only is lavender naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, it also promotes circulation for a gorgeous, glowing, spot-free complexion.

Ward Off Depression

The benefits of lavender aromatherapy extend to battling depression, with lavender noted for bringing about a more positive mindset.

Soothe Sunburn

Applied topically, lavender soothes and repairs a variety of skin conditions including sunburn and eczema.

Combat Infection

Lavender’s natural antimicrobial properties prevent infection, making it a great choice to apply to small cuts and injuries.

single lavender flower

Lovely lavender promotes wellness for mind, body and spirit