About Our Pricing

Some people ask, why are House of Cindy products so expensive? This question always makes us very happy, because it gives us the opportunity to make a connection between value and price.

We believe conscious manufacturing does not have to sacrifice anything.

We choose low impact,100% natural fiber fabrics and vintage, one of a kind textiles. Each design is thoughtfully created by hand. We cut, hand laminate and hand tuck our lampshades, purposefully taking time to bring soul into the slow hand manufacture. Our products are toxin-free and custom made to order. We pay a generous living wage to our crafts people who are masters at what they do. We are energy efficient, when our products are installed to our specifications. Although it is more expensive, all of our shipping materials are recyclable.

We offer custom designed, exclusive products. When they are in your room, you feel the space improve because you know exactly what the intention is behind your purchase. We aspire to improve our customers experience of decorating so they can feel really proud that they did something right by choosing to purchase and decorate their home with House of Cindy products.