Handwoven Wool Pillows & Blankets

A sumptuous material that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, wool is an irreplaceable addition to your home. The soft texture belies its resilience yet invites one to

nestle against its luxurious embrace. Rich hues capture the essence of the earth as if someone bottled the shades of autumn to keep you snug through winter. Whether you’re searching for supple wool pillows to rest your head on or a wool throw blanket for those peaceful evenings near the fireplace, our collection of handmade throw pillows and artisan blankets offers you glamorous decor that truly feels like home.


A Time-Honored Textile

Wool, known for its all-weather comfort and intricate weave, was the fabric of aristocrats and royalty in ancient times. In contemporary times, it is beheld as the most immaculate material for warmth against the Northern cold. At House of Cindy, we honor the traditional way of producing this timeless fabric but add a sustainable twist. We employ skilled artisans who interlace each thread by hand for beautiful color patterns. Our stylish handmade wool blankets and pillows are a testament to our creativity.

Sustainable, Glamorous Home Decor

Your home is your haven, a place that should only be filled with love, joy, and well-being. House of Cindy believes in treating the planet just as you would your own home, and that is why we’ve curated our wool collection in alignment with this purpose. Each of our wool throw blankets and wool pillows are crafted using locally sourced materials that do not cause any harm either to the animal it’s derived from or the earth. Our artisan home decor is fabricated in our own studio in LA to minimize carbon emissions and boost the local economy. Come and join us on our journey of conscious living.