Decorative Pillow

Designer Decorative Pillows

Discover the comfort and beauty of our handmade throw pillows to evoke feelings of luxurious tranquility. Our pillows have a certain essence; the hand of the artist that made it is infused with the spirit of the pillow. The pure honesty of these handmade decorative pillows invite you to simply pause and take a moment to reflect on life’s precious moments. The special times you have with your family and friends, even the basic pleasure of curling up with your favorite book—our pillows can support all of your dreams.

Decorative Pillow

A Pillow Collection Made From The Colors Of The Earth

Inspired by the dynamic beauty of the natural world, the warm and earthy tones of our handmade collection of designer decorative pillows are reminiscent of nature’s own palette. Natural pure linen has a long history dating back to ancient times. Sturdy and flexible yet becomes softer with age, linen is a classic symbol of longevity. Embellish your home with handmade decorative pillows that will remain constant and true with the ever-changing cycles of the season.

Sustainability and Luxury In One

A pillow isn’t just decoration for your home. What makes a pillow truly special is the artisanal processes that go into making one. House of Cindy prides itself on our dedication and passion for handcrafted luxury accent pieces. Every stitch, every detail, and every choice for this collection of designer decorative pillows has been made with comfort and sustainability in mind. Each piece has its own unique design and story just waiting to be told in your home decor.