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Setting Intentions for the New Year

How Your Home Can Support Your Wellness


As a new year arrives, so does a new cycle, and a perfect opportunity to set New Year’s intentions for your home sanctuary. Steal away a moment of stillness. Revel in the distinct feeling of inner peace. Reflecting in your sacred space, which energies are ready to be released? What intentions do you wish to call in?

A warm hearth, cozy accents, sumptuous textures, and vibrant patterns: these details are how a well-intentioned home can nourish your soul and awaken your senses.

Infusing mindfulness and self-reflection in your New Year’s intentions will help you create a greater sense of alignment, resonant with the ebbs and flows of the natural world. By creating a home sanctuary that supports your well-being and aligns with Mother Nature, you’ll find yourself gravitating toward the simple treasures that make life worth living.

Bring beautiful intentions and glamorize the energy of your home with House of Cindy’s handmade pillows and sustainably-sourced decor.

Sink Into Your Imagination

Knitted pouf with tea and snacks

Dive deep into your inner world and contemplate how you’ve grown throughout the year and what intentions you have for your new year. An immaculate space with well-positioned poufs and ottomans anchor your living space as your imagination soars wild and free. Dream of adventures to faraway lands and wondrous destinations, as you escape the world for just a brief moment to experience yourself anew.

An Embrace to Welcome You Back Home

Person holding sustainable, artisan blankets

Go home to the warm embrace of a cozy blanket, where you can find solace and comfort for the body and spirit. Our collection of artisan throw blankets are intimate, glamorous accents to create a space of wellness in your home. Choose to spend more time relaxing under a sustainable blanket for one of your New Year’s intentions, enjoying the pleasures of the home.

Artisan Pillows Imbued With Legacies

Bask in long-forgotten memories repurposed in luxe vintage pillows and vintage velvet pillows to instill a sense of nostalgia for times long past. The stories they hold are as special as the earth-conscious processes that brought them new to your home. The laughter that will take place around these glamorous pieces of decor, the warmth of their comforting touch: these are all acts of self-care that awaken your senses.

Make Your Home a Sanctuary This Year


When every space in your home aligns with your wellness and inner peace, you’ll find yourself with a steady flow of inspiration and vigor. Your intentions are the seeds of your dreams for the New Year. Grow your home into a sanctuary where you and all your potential can flourish.