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Our Modern Farmhouse Collection

 farmhouse interior design

Inspired by traditions of the past. Rustic textures woven with smooth modern finishes and minimal decor. Bring the presence of mother nature inside with plants and wild-crafted flower arrangements. Imbuing heritage with clean lines for a soulful, modern charm. This is the heart and soul of the House of Cindy farmhouse collection.

We believe a modern farmhouse home is inspired by time-honored tradition while having all the comforts and conveniences of modern living. In our collection, we select classic autumnal living room decor that celebrates simplicity with soul, soft textures, clean lines, natural fibers, and monochromatic color stories.

Honoring the skill of artisans with handcrafted pieces, they blend heritage and respect for the past by pouring their passion and creativity into their interior design pieces. Wherever we can, we offer artisanal and handmade items into our collections. This is part of our philosophy, surrounding mindful living and choosing a lifestyle of self-care at home. Every autumnal home decoration sparks joy and creates a warm, cozy home in a season that gets colder and colder and welcomes you inside.

Explore the key elements of the House of Cindy autumn modern farmhouse collection — plus our best tips for autumnal home decoration.

Vintage Pillows and Rugs

Don’t underestimate the soothing power textiles bring into your autumnal living room decor. We’re forever advocates of throw pillows and blankets for creating a comforting atmosphere in your home.

Our textile pillows and rugs are “one of a kind.” While you will order the same essential design, you will enjoy the uniqueness and charm of a handmade, artisanal piece and vintage textile. All the small irregularities are a result of the piece being lovingly crafted by hand — not mass-produced by machine. Earthly colors and patterns add elegance to soften hard surfaces and embody the farmhouse style.

Just imagine — a wooden rocking chair with just the right pillows to soften and support as you hear the creaking of the back-and-forth motion on your floor as you are setting sun across your fields.

Seasonal Sustainability

We decorate with 100% natural fiber textiles on upholstery, bedding, curtains, pillows, and accessories. Natural fibers and ethical production are important to us in every collection, not just autumnal living room decor.

Hemp and pure linen are our favorite sustainable fibers and these fabrics add textured charm to interiors. Our ultra-soft Topanga 12oz pure eco linen is beautifully transformed into pillows, blankets, and accessories.

Your Outdoor Home Matters, Too

With farmhouse living, nature is your ally; the outdoors are just as important as the indoors. When we designed the farmhouse collection, we were inspired by the colors of the season: the warm-toned, autumnal scenes just outside the window.

Bring the outside in. Use abundant natural light sources through windows and skylights for simple and serene lighting. Create simple moments connecting with nature in the sunlit fields by gathering wildflowers for the dinner table. Let in lots of natural light and where possible light candles to add the warming element of fire to a room: the autumn scenes are begging to be admired. Don’t underestimate the simple pleasure of an autumnal bouquet or a decorative display with pumpkins, multicolored gourds, and neutral-toned branches and wicker baskets for texture.

The Past and Present, United

Our farmhouse collection is about family traditions, home, and the beauty of autumn. We’ll leave you with our inspiration for the season:

  • Heritage - Combine the past with the present by using antique family heirloom furniture, dining wear, and linens to create an eclectic tablescape.
  • Juxtapose textures like a stone or brick hearth, wicker lighting, sisal rugs, linen sofas, and salvaged wood floors with smooth plastered walls and tiles to create a beautiful, soulful atmosphere.
  • Add simple eco-friendly linen curtains to marry the relaxed and modern farmhouse style.
  • Choose a neutral color for larger pieces of furniture like sofas, benches, and beds. Use pops of color in pillows, rugs, and artwork to create a timeless farmhouse style.

Enjoy the warmth of the season with House of Cindy. Explore new arrivals.