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Now this is California Dreaming!

Cindy Ciskowski

This week we are getting Aqua Luscious at the California Gift Show, located in Booth number 656 in Kentia Hall. We set up our House of Cindy display inside a tent with a fabulous pallet bed, laden with our newest soft landing pillow collection in a range of aqua luscious hues with a squeeze of lime to enliven color lovers across the planet.

Aqua is gender neutral, and enjoyed by both the masculine and feminine. A nurturing color, aqua has the power to soothe the soul in times of seeming chaos around you. It has "grounding" capabilities, aqua seems to bring together all aspects of your being, the physical, mental, spiritual and sexual. Harmonizing your interior in aqua lusciousness can only lead to a greater sense of well being.

House of Cindy

Aqua Luscious Linen Duvet www.houseofcindy.comHose of CindyHouse of CindyIMG_5159House of Cindy Soft Landing Pillow Collection

For more color adventures, please join us at to shop in your slippers. If you enjoyed this post leave a message below and tell us about your color experiences. Xx Cindy