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Linen Face Mask - Washable Face Mask - House of Cindy Cares

Breath has truly become the key to life.

Our health is the most valuable thing we have collectively and at times like this we need each other. We all share the responsibility of keeping our families, workers, each other and ourselves safe and protected.  As of this week in Los Angeles wearing a facemask while in public is mandatory. The mandated order to wear a facemask is intended to stop the spread of the virus not to prevent infection. The best type of face mask for the public to buy or make is a natural fiber sustainable fabric mask that can be washed over and over again. The professional N95 mask should be conserved for health care professionals working in hospitals on the critical frontlines.

In response the changing market in March of 2020 House of Cindy shifted from pillow manufacturing to making eco friendly washable linen facemasks made in Los Angeles. After receiving a request from a California nurse working on the frontlines desperate for a mask to keep her protected, she reached out to us and advised us on the design details she required. Our facemask is made with two layers of fabric, a soft prewashed 12oz linen on the outside and finer weave 5oz linen on the inside with a side pocket for an additional filter and a nose wire for a close fit on top. It is held comfortably close to the face and under the chin with elastic that slips over the ears.

While our face mask was designed to the specification of a nurse they are perfect for the general public and easy breathing for long wearing comfort. Available in a variety of colors they come in three sizes, small, medium and large. Acting as a barrier they are intended to cut down exposure by preventing people from touching their mouths and noses and to prevent spreading of germs. This is especially true when practicing other safety measures such as frequently washing hands and six foot social distancing.

This is a product with a purpose, launching the House of Cindy Cares initiative. With every two masks sold, we gift a Medical Professional  Working on the frontlines in Hospitals across America. Join us the spirit of giving by honoring courage and bravery of the frontline hero's and paying it forward by purchasing a House of Cindy Cares  mask, spreading hope across the land.

Here’s what the nurses are saying…

San Francisco Ca.

Cindy the masks are so incredibly made with the perfect seal that helps me feel protected. I inserted a filter into the interior pocket and the wire is brilliant. Thank you for your kindness and generosity to so many during this unprecedented time. I am so touched by you.


Santa Clara, CA

I received your package and ED doctor and ED nurses were very happy! Your masks are not only beautifully made they are so so comfortable and the wire piece gives a snug fir over my N95. It also keeps my face warm I was in the tents outside. I wore it for my whole shift and I am washing it tonight. Thank you for offering your talent and putting such thought and details in them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


If you would like to nominate a health care hero to receive a HOCcares face mask click HERE

Order a mask HERE and support the movement by using #hoccares on social media. From my heart to yours everybody stay safe out there!