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Compelling Reasons Why You Need Floor Pillows In Your Home

I love a room that is warm and welcoming, but I do not want to sacrifice high-style to get this comfort. One of the tricks that I have picked up after years spent designing for myself and clients is the use of vintage floor pillows. You do not need to spend a fortune on your home decor to make it look up to date and chic, and these pops of color and texture are a great way to make your house feel cozy and stylish.

Moroccan Floor Pillows

These floor accents also let you choose a theme that is going to be played on throughout the design process. Whether it is a certain color that you are going to highlight with the contrast of the cushion or it is an animal print or woven pattern that you find especially enjoyable, you can highlight it with the right floor pillow. Vintage ones are a great choice since they often have distinctive patterns or unusual touches on them that are an instant conversation starter with the guests who enter your home.

Your home decor is an extension of your personality and a vintage floor pillow can let people see your creative and playful side. A beautiful floor pillow or poufhas the ability to transform a room from OK to Wow! I love placing a matching pillow or two in a room just to get people to look at something that they may not normally look at. If you have a beautiful carpet that you do not think gets the love and attention that it deserves, you can put down a floor pillows and poufsto draw more eyes and attention to it's beauty.

Moroccan Floor Pillows Style

Interior design that is global chic is the perfect environment for any type of floor pillow. A pillow can accentuate your design, and it is a great way to add layers comfort and color balance to a living room, a family room or a bedroom. They are great for your family and for pets since they add a touch of comfort to your home. A vintage floor pillow is a relatively inexpensive addition to your home decor, and you will love how they add warmth and comfort to any room. Choosing a floor pillow is a fun task that you will thoroughly enjoy.