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Color Prescription: Decorating with Yellow

The most noticeable of all colors and the brightest color of the visible spectrum. Yellow is the color of caution tape and taxi cabs. A color of confidence and self esteem, from Rock Stars to Royals it's the color one wears when one wants to be seen and stand out in a crowd. Aspirational, it's the color of the golden crowns of Royalty conveying wealth, authority, status and harmony.

Cindy in yellow with her pet

Spiritually speaking yellow represents the element of fire and the process of purification leading to enlightenment. It is the color of the shining sun that gives life and energy to all living things. In medieval paintings we often see it in the shining halo’s of angels.

 A room decorated with yellow is fresh and creates warm feelings of happiness, joy and optimism. A simple way to add yellow to a room is with accessories as an accent color. A pop of yellow creates an interesting interior.  A perfect yellow pillow, a throw across the bed or a vase of sunflowers brings is instantly uplifting vibe and can add a wow factor to decor.

We believe in decorating consciously to create how you want to feel in your home with color as a primary tool. Yellow is a universal color plays well with other colors. Use the following color prescription to change an environment and convey a silent meaning to decor and activate certain emotions.

Mixing Royal Blue and Golden Yellow is very Presidential, perfect for authoritarian and regal Interiors.

Shades of Gray and Lemon Yellow offer a fresh modern combo, light and refreshing it's perfect for a city apartment.

Sunflower Yellow and Pink play well together and add a happiness and playful updated millennial vibe.

Then there is Yellow and its complementary color Purple a powerhouse energetic combination that will vitalize any interior.

sunflower home decor

I hope you enjoyed learning about Yellow and being the color of creativity, I can't wait to see how you infuse this color prescription into your home and it’s effect on your life.