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10 ways to bring your soul home

Whenever life becomes sensual the soul is involved. To awaken the senses and live a soul centered life takes desire, courage and self-confidence.

Bringing your soul home is about going within to create an external environment that activates your soul and awakens your senses, bring more aliveness to your experience of life. When we yes to these energies, to the frequency of the soul, when it becomes a way of living, we will literally be embodying heaven on earth.

Here are ten easy ways to begin exploring how to bring your soul home.

1 - The nature of the soul is love. It is with great intention that soulful homes are created. Gather pieces you love as you find them. Decorate slowly; let your soul inform you through your senses if the item is right for your home. Questions for self inquiry may include, where will you place it, how will it be used, does it activate your senses, can you feel it?

House of Cindy 10 ways to bring your soul home

The HOC print dye pillows above can be found HERE.

2 - The soul delights in adventure. Go on your own grand tour. When traveling visit antique stores, flea markets, souks and villages. Buy pieces that resonate with your soul and when you return home you will have a living memory to remind you of your travels and stories to tell your guests.

House of Cindy 10 ways to bring your soul home

3 - The soul loves the thrill of the subtle. Nothing is more subtle than a time worn antique with just the right patina. Hunt for antique treasure’s at Estate Sales, Sunday Flea markets or your grandmas attic. The rule is to follow your eye, buy what you love quickly; because it might not be there if you walk away. Remember the soul is partial to imperfection, to the soul it is part of the charm.

House of Cindy Blog 10 ways to bring your soul home

4 - Look to nature, she leads us further into soulfulness. Nothing speaks louder to the soul than the natural world. Go soul hunting for natures “decorative objects of art” seashells, driftwood, feathers, rocks, pine cones, crystals and minerals, they all go beautifully with any interior style. Drift wood gathered from the beach in Santa Barbara and quartz rock gathered at Rim Rock Ranch take center place in the below photo.

5 - Invest in the finest rugs, sheets, towels you can afford. They add texture, pattern, color and tactile comfort. Really there is nothing finer than a soft rug on cold feet or the comfort you feel slipping into high quality sheets. The rug below is woven by Beni Ouraini tribe from the Atlas mountains in Morocco. The rugs are made of lush wool trimmed from sheep they raise.

House of Cindy Blog 10 ways to bring your soul home

6 - Soulfulness is all about juxtaposition. Pay attention to the surface treatments of your home. Think of lacquered with matte. Decayed next to modern or masculine with feminine. The photo below of the Monochromatic Kitchen is a perfect example. The sleek smooth white counter top and modern bar stools juxtaposed with the rough raw wood siding used as base board at the kitchen bar delights the soul.

House of Cindy Blog 10 ways to bring your soul home.

7 - Color is the language of the soul. Choose colors that evoke your senses, make you happy and resonate internally. Even one wall or a piece of furniture painted in your favorite color will delight you every time you are in that room. The simplicity of color has the ability to easily bring your soul home.

House of Cindy Blog Bring your soul home

8 - A picture really is worth a thousand words. The right photographs or painting can add instant distinction and soul satisfaction to a room. Invest wisely in real art and it could have future benefits.

House of Cindy Blog 10 ways to bring your soul home

9 -  From the souls perspective lighting is like jewelry to a room and the virtual fourth dimension. The right lighting, lampshades, light bulbs, dimmer switches, lamps and chandeliers are must for the soul filled atmosphere of a home.

House of Cindy Blog 10 ways to bring your soul home

10 - Pillows are the soul of the home. Pillow's are single handedly responsible for comfort, soulful pleasure at home. Thought of as eye candy by the soul. Happiness inducing, the right pillows pull an entire environment together. Just ask your soul, can it ever have enough pillows?

House of Cindy 10 ways to bring your soul home

Bonus - The quality of the air in your home is another sensory delight. Decorate with plants that clean and filter indoor air. Fresh cut and growing flowers add fresh natural perfume. Consult an Aromatherapist for help with creating personal blends that evoke the emotions you desire to experience at home.

House of Cindy 10 ways to bring your soul home

There is nothing more important than accessing inner soul wisdom, when decorating a home. The brain records life experiences through the five senses. By developing a relationship with your senses you will experience more aliveness and happiness than you have ever known.  Go ahead, feel into it, bring your soul home.

Are you inspired by this post? how do you bring your soul home? drop us a line and leave a reply below.

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