Mud Cloth

Mudcloth Pillows

House of Cindy mudcloth throw pillows are made of distinct textiles of the African culture that imbue global glamour into decor. These beautifully handcrafted pillows bring the wonders of the world into your home. Raw, earthy, and rich with character, these pillows transport your soul to a place and time where life was built on simple pleasures for tradition and heritage. Decorate your home with the whimsical character of mudcloth that gives your space a special charm.

Mud Cloth

The Natural Charm of African Tradition

These mudcloth pillows trace their roots through a handcrafted textile from Mali, Africa—a land filled with a complex history, rich culture, and vibrant colors. Mudcloth is a very stylish, in vogue, global textile. The namesake for authentic mudcloth pillows is aptly named for it came from mixing mud with natural dyes to create a palette of neutral hues, geometric patterns, and layered textures. The handcrafted way of making mudcloth is linked to the inherent nature of the people of Mali and not easily replicated. 

Natural Materials and Traditional Techniques

Our pillows are made with an artisanal process that dates back thousands of years yet remains timeless even now. House of Cindy recognizes that nature is one’s canvas and inspiration all at the same time. Mudcloth pillows are labors of love, combining raw earth with the human potential to create something extraordinary yet functional. It is this transformative process that fuels our collections made from sustainable materials.