About Cindy


Cindy Ciskowski


The discovery of adventure is my passion. My life has been dedicated to two things; unearthing the truest beauty in a thing or place, and seeking timeless comfort. These are my tools of creation. I often feel I am an alchemist drawing inspiration from the past and using it to transform the present, turning houses into homes, one accessory at a time.


Several years ago I began to feel dissatisfied with my career path. I craved a deeper connection in my business and personal relationships. I was ready to slow down, live more deeply and truthfully to fulfill my desires.


I began to imagine how I could recreate my life based on a deeper connection to my own aliveness, one where I could access all my talents in greater service to life itself. A new business began to percolate, a holistic vision, one based on sustainable, cradle-to-cradle principles; products that were made and sold locally, with a place for lifestyle tips to be shared, a home for the soul to live.


At first I worried what my customers and my peers might think. Here I was downscaling my nationally distributed brand, choosing only local purveyors and manufacturing. It was a counter intuitive business decision, but I am simply here to be what my soul has invited me to become. Out of respect for my customers, this was the only way I could move forward and still be of service.

In giving up a hectic travel schedule, I have found my greatest pleasure comes from being home, living on a wild canyon in Bel Air, driving a hybrid car and creating in my own design studio; proving small is sometimes better.


House of Cindy is founded on this new vision, a global platform for products and education dedicated to celebrating the love of being happier at home.