Sabra Pillow 20

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Style: P0265 Not long ago, when the horizon was on the dawning of the age of Aquarius and all the world was in Pisces. The call of wanderlust took over and she discovered the exotic textiles of the Near and Far East. Vintage Block Prints, Indigo Batik, Mud Cloth and Sabra Silk. Dreamy and soft, divine fabrics perfect for a soft landing anywhere she spun the globe. The natural fiber Sabra pillow aka Cactus silk pillow is favorite because of its softness. Eco friendly Vegan Cactus silk is preferred because no animal was harmed for its creation. Sabra is made from the fiber of the Saharan Aloe Vera plant a member of the Agave family. A drought tolerant plant that thrives in low rainfall environments.This textile is created through a process of of retting the fibers by soaking and pounding the leaves. After that the fibers are separated they are spun into a soft silk like threads and woven into the heavy weight textiles and made into cactus pillows or sabra pillows then dyed and embellished with traditional Berber embroidered patterns. Because of the hand made nature A Cactus pillow or Sabra pillow is usually a 'one of a kind' item. If you require a pair and see them listed on the site purchase them, because you won't find another. Made in Morocco of "one of a kind" Peach Sabra Agave Cactus Silk. Size: 20 x 20 Available for immediate shipping.

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