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Sabra Pillows

At House of Cindy, we are constantly looking for new ways to create beautiful, eye-catching decor crafted with sustainable and ethical practices.

Our sabra pillow collection exemplifies this artistic ingenuity—taking the fibers of the drought-tolerant Saharan Aloe Vera plant and spinning them into threads to create a heavyweight textile called “sabra” or “cactus silk”. This 100% vegan fabric is then dyed and embroidered using traditional Moroccan Berber patterns to make one-of-a-kind pillows for your home.

Made By Hand in LA

You won’t find a sabra pillow like ours anywhere else because many pieces are made by hand in our Los Angeles studio—infused with a love for quality and timeless beauty. If we happen to have two the same in stock, make the most of the opportunity and snap them up, because we won’t have the same design again!

At House of Cindy, we believe in creating decor that not only enlivens your home, but benefits the planet throughout each step of our design process.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us. Shop chic and eco-friendly sabra pillows!