Mud Cloth

Mud Cloth

Mud Cloth Pillows

Mud Cloth is part of a Malian textile tradition that stretches back as far as the 12th century. Natural cotton fabrics are soaked in a leaf-and-bark concoction before being hand painted with successive layers of fermented mud in symbolic designs. The yellow areas are painted over with a bleach and then washed, resulting in a creamy white to contrast with the dark-colored main design.

While the textiles used in our mudcloth pillow collection are sourced ethically from Africa, the designs are now printed in a range of colors using a waterless digital technique rather than being painted with mud. The pillows are then made by hand in our Los Angeles studio for a result that is unique and infused with that irreplaceable human touch.

Bold Designs

Our pillows are created in a rich blend of earth tones from chocolate brown to creamy earth whites along with pink and black designs. With warm color palettes, each mudcloth pillow features eye-catching symbols and patterns that go well with modern and vintage geometric motifs for a timeless look.

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